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Multifunctional Face Cleaner
Multifunctional Face Cleaner
Multifunctional Face Cleaner

    Multifunctional Face Cleaner

    ₱1,999.00 ₱3,499.00

    This is a functional suction machine that can absorb BLACKHEAD, ACNE, MITES, DIRT, etc, on the face and clean facial skin. It adopts vacuum suction technology providing strong absorption to achieve the best suction result.

    As it’s designed to treat different skin problems, it is equipped with 5 suction heads with different functions on which are suitable for all skin types. Easy operation, useful and practical, worth investing.


    • Smooth and lightweight, is very comfortable and easy to grab hold of the device.
    • 3 levels of adjustable suction make it suitable for different skin.
      • Low
      • Medium
      • High
      • Press & hold to OFF
    • Equipped with 5 changeable beauty heads, which can offer different functions to clean different parts on the face.
    • Strong adsorption ability of 53kpa for easier and more effective blackhead removal.
    • Vacuum function cleans dirty pores through suction and increases blood circulation in the skin.
    • The rechargeable function has an enhanced improved performance to utilize time efficiency for more convenient usage.
    • 6 advantages that make it more attractive and practical.
      • Blackhead removal
      • Pimple reducing
      • Skin firming and lifting
      • Fine lines diluting
      • Cutin improving
      • Grease removal