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Bluetooth Earphone Sleep Mask
Bluetooth Earphone Sleep Mask

    Bluetooth Earphone Sleep Mask

    ₱1,383.00 ₱1,985.00

    Extra padding on the bridge of the nose, the sleep mask adapts to your face shape. Enjoy a restful and deep sleep, whether on the plane, on the train, or at home.

    Built-in 200 MAH high-performance battery. Charge it around 2-2.5 hours and provide 9-10 hours of playtime, you can enjoy the music during the night while sleeping. -When the battery is empty, the Bluetooth headset will automatically turn off and does not disturb sleep, ideal for light sleepers!

    Great for side sleepers and abdominal sleepers. The thickness of this headphone is only one-third of the thickness of a normal headphone. You can hardly feel this -headset. The headphones are also movable, you can move the headphones to make the sound clearer to listen.

    This sleeping goggle is made of Elastic Cotton, breathable, and skin-friendly. A special pocket is designed on one side of the eye mask, which can help you take off your headphones if you want to clean the mask.

    The unique design does not create any annoying pressure on the eyes. A good helper against insomnia is also a perfect check!



    1. In the off state, press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on in the power on state, press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off.
    2. Automatically connect back to the last Bluetooth handheld device after booting, if it is the first boot, it will enter the self-matching mode immediately.
    3. After pairing with the Bluetooth of the handheld device, you can execute it while playing the audio. Short press “Pause” and short press “Play”. In the call state, just click “Receive Call”, long press “Reject Call”, and double-click “Call Recent Call” Right button.
    4. Play Audio Short press “Next Song” and long press “Add Volume”. Left button): Play audio Short press “Previous song”, long press “Volume down”.
    5. Power supply: Bluetooth eyewear has built-in high-performance polymer 200 MAH battery. The PCB has charging protection for the battery, which can work while charging. (The red light will be on when charging, and the red light will be off when fully charged).


    • Material: Plush
    • Color: Gray
    • Free Size: Adjustable thread gluing, fit for most people.


    • Can be washable when take out the blue tooth module.
    • Both speakers are not fixed,can adjust placement accordingly based on your size.
    • Please check USB cable if can’t work to charge.
    • Please adjust the volume from your mobile or Long press Vol+ from Bluetooth if you can’t hear any music.
    • The sound may have a bit noise if there’s environmental interference.